NageCoin ("this site") recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information of users and strives for appropriate handling and protection according to the following privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as "this privacy policy").

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In this privacy policy, personal information means what can be easily collated with other information, thereby identifying a specific individual.
In the case of acquiring personal information, we will clarify the purpose of use in advance and will not use the user's personal information beyond the reasonable scope of that purpose. This site uses the acquired personal information to provide information about the products and services of this site, present sending and to provide products and services of companies and organizations that will be useful for users of this site's approval To do. In addition, we may conduct statistical / analysis processing and develop marketing data for the development and improvement of our products / services. This includes the case where personal information is processed into information that can not be identified by an individual, and then used or disclosed for investigation.
In handling the user's personal information, this site puts the responsible person in charge of management, performs appropriate management, and works to prevent the outflow to the outside. We also strive to protect users' personal information by implementing appropriate and reasonable level of security measures against unauthorized access from the outside and risk of loss, destruction, falsification, etc.
This service may use cookies and similar technologies. These technologies are useful for grasping the use situation of this service by this site and contribute to improving the service. Users who want to deactivate cookies can invalidate cookies by changing web browser settings. However, if cookie is invalidated, some functions of this service may not be available.

On this site, advertisements distributed from third parties to this service may be posted. At that time, the third party may acquire cookie information etc. of the user who visited the service. The acquired cookie information etc. will be handled according to the third party's privacy policy. Use of advertisement such as cookie information can be stopped. It does not identify users or invade privacy through cookies.
This site will review the operation status regarding the handling of personal information as necessary and strive for continuous improvement and may change this privacy policy as necessary.
Last update 28 April 2018